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Hope Through Grace emphasizes colorectal cancer prevention . Education is the first part of our mission.  The second part of our mission is to provide assistance so that low-income, uninsured or underinsured individuals have access to a colonoscopy.

Education and Awareness

Education Programs

  • One-on-One Consultations

  • Workshops

  • Intake Screening Seminars

  • Symposia


The education programs are designed to ensure the public is provided with an understanding of colorectal cancer, risk factors that increase potential of the disease, and measures that can be adopted to lower one’s risk or to prevent the disease.  Media and social media are integral to our outreach to the larger community. Tens of thousands receive our education messages. Participants adopt life changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that promote wellness and healthy living.

Screening Program

Well over one hundred asymptomatic persons received financial support from HTG; over half had colon problems, one with stage III disease.  Each person has received recommended clinical care (polyp removal, pathology examinations, reports, etc.).  Baseline colonoscopy screening outcomes can be viewed here. We remove financial barriers to screening participation by providing low-cost baseline colonoscopy screenings for the uninsured, underinsured and medically underserved.  We assist with exorbitant co-pays and deductibles for persons who are insured but cannot afford these costs. A colonoscopy costs a minimum of $1,000.  We cover the majority of this expense for those who qualify for our screening program.  However, we ask that each participant contribute $100.


To be eligible for colonoscopy assistance you must first contact our office by telephone at 713-436-1273 and speak with a member of our staff. They will conduct a telephone interview to establish your eligibility for our intake screening seminar, which is where you will learn more about colorectal cancer and determine your risk factors.  Attending the intake screening seminar is required for those who are eligible to receive financial assistance for a colonoscopy.


Hope Through Grace is the only organization of its kind in Houston and we depend on individual contributions to bring these services to the community.  Please take a moment to contribute to this life-saving cause.

Dedicated to Colorectal Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, and Cancer Survivorship