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“They provide a great service. I was educated on the colon, the colonoscopy procedure and was gifted a procedure. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer and my life was saved because Hope Through Grace gifted me the procedure. I give God praise – I give thanks to Dr. Grace Butler and Hope Through Grace.” 
~Kim Beggs, 11/20/12

“Hope Through Grace is truly a blessing.  Period.  They personify what a Non-Profit is supposed to be. I was truly impressed by the fact that they even existed!  Then the follow-up (they actually do it!) and the education they provide is superlative.  They blew me away when they actually had the surgeon attend the orientation and consult with us – on a SATURDAY!!!  That goes beyond what anyone can expect in this service-depleted 2013 that we live in. I am recommending them to everybody I know (as a colon cancer prevention educational entity).  Plus, they are more than just an educational and referral entity, they live it!  Their faith in what God is doing through them is awesome to witness.” 
~London Wilson, JR  2/23/2013

“I have had several medical experiences (some scheduled and some emergency) and this was BY FAR the most pleasant experience of all.  Everything went so well, I could do it again today.  The joy juice (MoviPrep) was wonderful (REALLY).  I actually enjoyed it!!!  Yum.  At the doctor’s office, while coherent, I had my camera to photo nearly every participant and event.  I was jammin’ and playing air guitar w/the doctor just before I went under anesthesia and awoke in recovery still playing the same song – in my mind!  I did not even know that the procedure was over!  The process was painless.  The only proof I have of anything occurring was a quarter-sized wet spot on the sheet when I got up to dress.  There were two polyps in there.  One was cut out and the other was left alone because it is small and is harmless.  I thank God for His favor and Hope Through Grace for their providing the procedure at no cost to me.  It may have saved my life.  And surely the news of them will save others.” 
~Anonymous 2-22-2013

“La vida me dió la bendición de dirigirme a la organización de Hope Through Grace para poder hacerme una colonoscopia. Agradezco mucho toda la información que me impartieron la cual he podido compartir con otras personas mostrandoles la necesidad de cuidarse y prevenir el cancer de colom. Gracias a todo el equipo tan humano y profesional…Gracias por existir!!!” ~
~Jackie 2-21-2013

“Thanks for all that your organization does toward the betterment of life and dignity for those that you serve. May God continue to bless each and every individual and group involved in supporting your organizational commitment.”  Jesus’s humble servants,  
~Outlar & Juliette Simmons, 11/21/2012


“Please support Hope Through Grace any way possible and the wonderful work Dr. Butler is doing to increase awareness, prevention, and cures. She and her staff are amazing and their impacts are immeasurable. Thank you HTG! I support you now and will continue to support you in the future.” 
~Kandice, August 2012


Ruby was part of the very first group of people who received colonoscopies through Hope Through Grace when the program started in 2007. When asked why she decided to make a financial donation to Hope Through Grace this summer, Ruby replied, “I don’t have a lot of money, I have to watch my budget like most people. But I believe you plant a seed and watch it grow. Also, when people are there for you, you have to also return the favor and Hope Through Grace was there for me when I needed them.” 
~Ruby, Sept.2012

At the end of each Intake Seminar we ask our participants to fill out a brief questionnaire asking about the seminar experience and what they have learned from that day. Please read below to see what they have to say:

“I feel blessed that Hope Through Grace is here! I’m clearer about the recommended age for screening for African Americans is 45 and not 50! I’m so glad this resource exists for people without insurance.” 
~Vicki, Sept. 2012

“I learned the real meaning of cancer and it’s prevention, risks and the reality of. I feel that I need to be more knowledgable about my health through family history and screenings”
~Greg, Sept. 2012

“I appreciate the service and information received. I thank God for Hope Through Grace and will be on a mission to tell others.” 
~Cynthia, Sept. 2012

“I was surprised at the colon’s function.  I’ve rediscovered the importance of eating well for colon health.  I appreciated Dr. Butler’s time and her passion to help and I believe I can make a change in my health.” 
~Darlene, April 2012

“I figured out a lot about the digestive system. I’m clearer about what I should do for the rest of my life because my body is my responsibility.  I believe God is in control of our life, but it is up to us to take care of it.” 
~Debbie, April 2012

“I wish that everyone would get screened. I was surprised about some of the information given out about colorectal cancer. I appreciated Dr. Butler for sharing information on how to prevent colon cancer.” 

“I was surprised at the number of persons affected by colon cancer. I felt challenged to share this information with family members and others. I wish more people could attended this seminar and learned what I did” 

“I feel that it is important to get checked whether we have symptoms or not. I appreciated how informative the seminar was and I learned colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths, and it’s preventable!” 

 “Please consider supporting this organization…Dr. Butler has a heart of gold and service and does a tremendous job with limited funds. With more funding and space they could help many more people.”

 “I appreciated that this organization commits to do everything that they commit to daily to make all of this possible. I do understand that so much goes into all of this. From my heart, thank you!”

 “I learned a great deal in such a short period, and the info is most important for each person to know. I also figured out it’s time to start taking care of myself better.” 

 “I appreciated what Hope Through Grace is doing to help us, those who do not have health insurance and to get us involved in helping others to prevent the disease.” 

 “I am clearer now about how the test works, what Hope Through Grace does and I feel the need to spread the information about colon cancer screenings.”

 “I am wondering what it will take to get national representation for colon cancer.”

 “I am clearer about what causes colon cancer and what my role play is in helping to prevent it.” 

 “I was surprised to learn about the amount of people that are not getting screened!”

 “I’ve rediscovered the great need to be proactive.”