Each year, Hope through Grace sponsors a walk-a-thon where companies, civic groups, social organizations, church groups, local communities, neighbors, families, and friends are encouraged to get “On the Move-Stamping out Colorectal Cancer.” All who participate will receive a Hope Through Grace t-shirt as a memento. Hope Through Grace seeks to promote living healthy lifestyles, and what better way to do that than to get the community moving?  We are excited to keep growing, to spread awareness of the importance of colon cancer screenings and to meet more members of our community.

What makes our walk-a-thon special? 

While this fun-filled event is in progress, food, games, contests, live entertainment, and health education are enjoyed by all who attend.  This event provides an opportunity to learn more about colorectal cancer prevention. For those who have been touched in some way by cancer, whether by being a survivor, caregiver, friend or family member of someone affected by cancer, there is an opportunity to honor yourself or a loved one during the walk-a-thon by participating in our Memory Mile. Our beautiful Memory Walk path is lined with the names of those celebrating survivorship and those who lost their battle against any form of cancer, not just colorectal cancer.  Signs can be purchased to show support for a loved one along the walking trail. This event allows participants to start the walk-a-thon by walking in honor of a loved one as they hold an “In Honor of________, who fought the battle” sign. The signs can be placed anywhere along the trail as a sign of encouragement to other participants who are currently fighting or have fought the battle.

 Survivors are there to remind all that colorectal cancer does not discriminate and it can be  beaten.  Survivor testimonies lead the way, exemplifying strength, courage and educating others from  prevention to cancer survivorship.

Funds that are raised at this event, through corporate underwriting and sponsorships are applied to colorectal education and screenings. According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 150,000

Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year.  Please join Hope Through Grace as we work together to raise awareness about reducing the incidence and mortality rates of this disease. Each year, we ask friends, family, businesses and community members to show their commitment by participating in or pledging their support at our annual “On the Move-Stamping Out Colorectal Cancer” walk-a-thon.  It could be as simple as forming a team, joining a team or pledging your support online. Join us as we walk in honor or in remembrance of those we know and love who have been impacted by colorectal cancer.  There is no limit to how long or how far you walk and all who participate will receive a Hope Through Grace t-shirt as a memento.  Sponsors will receive benefits outlined on the Sponsorship page. With the success of the event, it is our intention to broaden awareness and increase screening participation throughout the Greater Houston community.

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